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A brief glance at the Emmi Dessert Italia family.

Emmi Dessert Italia, which we affectionately call EDITA, is organised into several departments. Together, they work in perfect harmony. Now is our chance to get to know them and feel their different vibes. Let’s see what they have to say.

EDITA's eyes. Marketing & Innovation

We use our eyes to help the company discover new business opportunities in Italy and abroad. In our opinion, tiramisu is the epitome of Italian indulgence and we want to share it with the world.

EDITA's ears. Sales

We use our ears to listen to our clients. We come up with the best offer, close the deal, and coordinate all the operational activities so we can launch and promote our products.

EDITA’s heart. Supply Chain

We use our heart to guarantee our clients products and services of exceptional quality. We work tirelessly to ensure our work does not compromise people or the planet.

EDITA's arms. Operations

We use our arms to measure and optimise performance at our facilities. It’s our job to maximise capacity and production efficiency.

EDITA’s belay. Human Resources

Just as a belay keeps a mountaineer safe as they climb higher and higher, we support our team members as they scale new professional heights. We help them develop their talents and are there to prevent them from falling. Our goal is to strengthen and maintain our unique company culture.

EDITA’s co-pilot. Finance

By carefully studying the path in front of us, we plot the route and give the right directions to help the company reach its destination as safely as possible.

EDITA’s motor. Information technology

We provide the entire company with the energy, resources, and services it needs to operate at maximum efficiency.

Your future at Emmi Dessert Italia.

For some of us, Emmi Dessert Italia is where we can do what we love. For others, it’s a springboard. And then there are those of us who see it as the start of a personal and professional journey of growth. What will Emmi Dessert Italia be to you?