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A letter to the employees.
by Peter Irle

Dear Colleagues,

We, together, are Emmi Dessert Italia, the world leader in chilled Italian desserts, and our desserts are produced in Italy before being exported, sold and eaten all around the world. Everything we do is aimed at our employees, our end consumers, our clients, our shareholders and society at large: caring about others and respecting the rules is written into our DNA.

We have lived through the coronavirus public health emergency these past few weeks by taking a proactive approach. We have tried to anticipate what would happen next and, like sailors, we have been guided by two “pole stars”: the safety of ourselves and our families, and continuity of production and business. We have been managing the situation very well indeed and, as I have mentioned on previous occasions, I am proud to be your CEO.

The word “crisis” means “decision”, and this global health crisis has forced us to make decisions as never before. Here are a couple by way of example:

  • We have gradually introduced behavioural restrictions that apply to everyone
  • We have also adopted smart working, by distinguishing those who can work from home to make the factory safer, from those who are indispensable for manufacturing and moving our goods.

As Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reminded us just days ago, we must be aware that all those who are working – manual workers, technicians, executives and senior managers – are not merely performing tasks in exchange for money. At this time, our efforts take on a particular significance and become an act of immense responsibility towards the entire national community. That is the crucial point to remember: working in the food supply chain is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Food is a primary physiological need. All of us in the food manufacturing sector are committed to ensuring that the supply chain continues uninterrupted. I daren’t imagine what would happen to our society if consumers no longer had access to food. A few weeks ago, we saw how fear led people to act instinctively and irrationally, crowding into supermarkets and stockpiling goods, putting both their own and other people’s health at risk.

I’m delighted to say that Emmi Dessert Italia’s employees are living up to that responsibility, and playing their part together: the manufacturing plant and the offices; those on the production lines and those registering orders; those stacking pallets to be sent out, and those responsible for invoicing. Some are at the factory, some in the office, and others still are working from home, as required by restrictions.

Rest assured that I and the whole Management Team are here to listen to any questions, doubts or suggestions you might have. I must ask you to carry on doing what you’re doing so well already: because even a sweet treat can brighten the mood at times like this!

Every crisis has a beginning and an end; but if we all navigate our way through the middle of it, riding wave after wave as a team, we’re sure to come out the other side transformed.

We won’t be the same people we were before, but much, much more!

We will be men and women who will have successfully managed to deal with the most alarming emotions, acting with integrity and working together to serve society and other people.

Thank you,



Via Cascinetta 44
28013 Gattico-Veruno (NO) Italy


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