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Three Italian companies, each with a long and distinguished history. One clear aim: combining what they do best to offer consumers all over the world the finest speciality desserts. And so Emmi Dessert Italia was born.

Emmi Dessert Italia was established in 2018 but we’re built on strong foundations. Emmi Group’s Italian subsidiary is rooted in three of Italy’s leading dessert companies: A-27, Rachelli and Italian Fresh Foods. Each of these were enjoying success in international markets.

Ercole Lucchini set up A-27 in 1978 in Rancio Valcuvia, Lombardy. In the beginning, it focused on making ice cream. But, in the early 1990s, a bold decision in a tearoom in nearby Varese led to the company changing direction. From that day on, it focused entirely on chilled speciality desserts. It was a winning choice. A-27 became a resounding market success, particularly in France.

Decades earlier, back in 1935, Rachelli, a small ice-cream parlour, opened in Milan. It was destroyed during the Second World War. Never one to give up, Ermenegildo Rachelli opened a bigger one. Business boomed. In the 1980s, Rachelli opened a factory in Pero, near Milan, ushering in a new era for the company. In 1997, it started producing organic and biodynamic ice creams and became market leader in Germany and a dozen other countries.

Italian Fresh Food was founded more recently in Lasnigo, near Lake Como. But its story is no less illustrious. Flavio Pok created the “Dolce Italia” brand in in 1992. His ambition? To share the epitome of Italian desserts, tiramisu, with the world. Before long, he added new, innovative products, including Mandolato, a soft mandarin-infused chocolate mousse. It launched in the Netherlands in 1993 where it was presented in orange packaging for the Queen’s birthday. It didn’t take long to conquer the Dutch, the Brits and the Americans.

Emmi Dessert Italia acquired A-27 in 2011, Rachelli in 2013, and Italian Fresh Foods in 2017. Each company has brought their respective expertise to the table, which will help Emmi Dessert Italia succeed in becoming the world’s leading speciality dessert producer.

A-27’s core business area is classic desserts. It produces its own Bontà Divina brand, as well as desserts sold under own-brand labels for big retailers.

Rachelli produces cakes and desserts, as well as the Special Recipe collection. But it really shines when it comes to biodynamic ice cream. These are created in collaboration with Demeter, which certifies that biodynamic products meet its high production and processing standards.

Finally, Italian Fresh Foods offers chilled desserts in an array of innovative and appealing packaging designs which are popular with consumers.

But it’s not just these three specialist business areas that will earn Emmi Dessert Italia the top position in the chilled speciality dessert market. Its certified organic, free from, plant based, Halal and Kosher products are further proof that Emmi Dessert Italia is adept at reinventing recipes so that no one has to miss out on dessert. Whatever their dietary requirements. And this takes it us step closer to realising our goal: creating unforgettable moments of bliss. For everyone.


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